No Building Works Needed

From Only £1200.00

This offer is for customers who do not require any building works to open up chimney breast before stove installation.

The opening must be lined with suitable fire and heat resistant material. ie, existing brick work, cement render, tiled chamber or fire board.

Please note that pink 'fire resistant' plaster board is not suitable for use inside a opening that the stove is to be fitted!

Full installation including the following:

*Supply & install new flue liner including pot hanger.
*Supply & install multifuel stove.
*Issue HETAS certificate.

Stove 1 - £1200

Stove 2 - £1300

Stove 3 - £1350

Stove 4 - £1350

Stove 5 - £1350

Stove 6 - £1500


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