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Eco Design Ready Stove

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Efficiency Improvement

Stove 7 is one of the most up to date and cleanest wood burning stoves sold in the UK. It has been tested and approved to meet the new Ecodesign requirements that will be mandatory for all stoves by 2022, making this a stove for now and for the future.

This model not only meets but exceeds the government's tough requirements by some distance; many stoves do not pass the test at all. All test results have been carried out by Kiwa Gastec in Cheltenham, UK - a leader in their field.  Find out more about the Ecodesign scheme at

Stove 7 boasts some of the lowest combined readings of NOx, CO and dust of any wood burning stove sold in the UK. In response to the government's initiatives to lower such emissions from wood burning stoves, you can rest assured that you have one of the cleanest stoves for sale in the UK. This unrivalled clean burn has been achieved by the quality engineering exhibited in all models. All bodies are made from thick steel plate that is perfectly folded and welded together, ensuring no air can leak into the stove.

The hidden gem of this stove is its internal shell - effectively another stove inside the stove, where air is drawn in from the stove's rear, fed between these two layers of steel and precisely dispersed over the fire at the rear, through a series of holes inside the chamber. Having the air introduced high up in chamber is an effective way of re-burning the initial smoke and pollutants created by the fire. The air that is not dispersed through these holes speeds up as it rises over the fire and is released like a curtain of air over the glass. This heating effect speeds the air up and is the most effective way of keeping the glass clean. 

Product Specification

External Height: 500

External Width: 420

External Depth: 335

Style: Modern

DEFRA Approved: Yes

SIA 2022 Approved: Yes

Fuel: Multi Fuel

Construction: Cast Iron & Steel

Output (kW): 5.00Efficiency (%) 84.0

Warranty: 7 year(s)

Outlet Diameter (mm): 125

Outlet Diameter (inches): 5

Primary Air: Yes

Secondary Air: Yes

Outlet Location: Top/Rear

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