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This includes all building work and materials, stove, flue liner, fire board chamber and limestone stone hearth.

Firefox 5 - Gas Stove

Height - 585mm

Width - 405mm 

Depth - 455mm


Tiger - Gas Stove

Height - 590mm

Width - 565mm 

Depth - 410mm


Firefox 8 - Gas Stove

Height - 608mm

Width - 554mm 

Depth - 410mm


Holborn Eco - Gas Stove

Height - 637mm

Width - 485mm 

Depth - 333mm


Hearth Options

Natural Stone Hearth,

comes in 900x600mm

sections and is joined

with a grout line.

No size restrictions

on hearth size.

Included within offer price.

Brazilian Slate, comes

in one piece 1200x900mm .

This is cut into a tee shape

so has no grout lines.

Max hearth width - 1200mm

Extra £50



Charcoal and Olive Tiled Hearths comes in a tee shape.

Back width - 810mm, Depth 490mm

Max hearth width - 1200mm or 1400mm, Max hearth depth 304mm

Extra £100

Chamber Options

This offer includes smooth paintable fire board as pictured.

Tiled and Brick Chambers extra £250


Oyster Tiled

Slate Tiled

White Quartz Tiled

Oak Beam - extra £150.00.


Each beam is 1200mm in length, 150mm height & 150mm thick

Beams are untreated so customers can make them any colour or finish required. Each beam varies and may differ from the picture.

Chamber Lighting - extra £75.

 Chamber lighting includes x2 fire resistant down lights.

These lights are wired onto a standard plug top through the side of your chimney breast.

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