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Media Centre Booking Page

Information Form

Please read the below carefully and fill in the below form:


Thank you for choosing Multi Fuel Stove Installers for the installation of your new media centre!


Your installation will be over two/three days.

We order the fires for each job around 3/4 weeks before the installation date. On rare occasions the fire manufacturer may be held up in production and shipping, if this happens and will impact your installation date we will let you know asap as to try and minimise any distribution to you.

Important Information:

* We can install a hidden shelf behind your TV to house any Sky, Virgin box etc. Please ensure that anything to be placed on this shelf has sufficient cable to reach, ie; Ethernet cable, HDMI leads, Sky dish leads etc. These can be cheaply bought from amazon our EBay.

* We wire and supply two double electrical sockets behind your TV. 

* We install a ducting pipe from the side of the chimney breast just above the skirting board, this leads to behind the TV so that any wires that need to be added can be pushed through and hidden.

* Please Note: We do not remove any rubbish/rubble that may come out from the job. We will neatly bag and stack it to one side.

* Please Note: We can not fit any tv brackets as the plaster will need a couple of days to dry before this can happen. We will install a wooden frame behind the plaster board so that when you come to fit the tv bracket it will simply just screw through the plaster board and directly into the wood.

* The electric fires have 1.5kw heat output. If you plan on using the fire as a main source of heat then please check online for a heat calculator to ensure it will heat you room for a main source of heat.

* The fire and custom built chimney breast will be added to the front of your existing chimney breast or your flat wall and will come out around 300mm.



We will message you two weeks prior to your installation to arrange the times we will arrive, and again the day before with some instructions.



We do not take any form of deposit or payment until work is completed.


Works MUST be approved and payment made via Bank Transfer or Credit Card before our engineers leave.


Please, if you can not provide payment on the same day that the installation is completed, let us know and we can cancel your installation.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on: 0151 662 0134.

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