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Build Your Package Now!

Simply scroll  through all installation options and use our Quote Calculator at the end of the page

Step 1.

Choose Your Stove.

Option 1.


Hampton Stove Installation Offer £1600.00

This price includes building works, supply and installation.

Hampton 5 - Edit - Sqaure - No Logo-450x

Hampton 5kw

7 Year Guarantee

Wood Burning Stove

Height - 500mm

Width - 420mm 

Depth - 335mm

Option 2.


Installation Offer £1700.00

This price includes building works, supply and installation.


Lincoln 5kw

5 Year Guarantee

Multi Fuel Stove

Height - 585mm

Width - 490mm 

Depth - 293mm

Mi-Flues Skiddaw.jpg

Skiddaw 5kw

5 Year Guarantee

Wood Burning Stove

Height - 530mm

Width - 410mm 

Depth - 332mm


Cambridge 5kw

5 Year Guarantee

Multi Fuel Stove

Height - 511mm

Width - 390mm 

Depth - 310mm


Step 2.

Choose Your Hearth.


Natural Stone Hearth - Included within offer price as pictured.



Natural stone hearth has a textured finish and uneven surface. It is laid in sections and cut to any size on the day.

Brazilian Slate One Piece Hearth £50 extra


Hearth Width 1200mm, Depth Max 550mm

Brazilian Slate hearth has a smoother finish slight uneven surface. It is laid in one t-shaped section and cut to size on the day.


Hearth Width 1220mm, Depth 304mm

Olive Slate Tiled Hearth £150 extra


Charcoal Slate Tiled Hearth £150 extra

Hearth Width 1220mm, Depth 304mm

Step 3.

Choose a beam if required.

Oak Beam - Extra £150.00.


Each beam is 1200mm in length, 152mm height & 152mm thick


Beams are untreated so customers can make them any colour or finish required. Each beam varies and may differ from the picture.



Step 4.

Choose chamber option.


Fire Boarded Chamber - Included within offer price as pictured.

Fire board chambers are smooth and can be painted. 



Stone Tiled Chamber - £250.00.


Tiled chambers are made from quality natural stone split face tiles.

White Quartz
Cream Quartz

Brick Slip Chamber - £350.00


Brick slip chambers - Max Width 950mm, Max Height 1000mm 

Step 5.

Choose chamber lights if required.

Chamber Lighting - £75.


 Chamber lighting includes x2 fire resistant down lights. These lights are wired onto a standard plug top through the side of your chimney breast.

Step 6.

Enter your options into our quote calculator.

Step 7.

Message us on Facebook for a free online survey.


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Full description of works included in our offers can be seen below:

  • Remove any electric/gas fire (if required).

  • Cap off any gas pipe (if required).

  • Building works to knock out and open up your chimney breast to its original size.

  • Install new multi fuel stove flue liner including bird cage on top of the chimney stack.

  • Install new hearth (choices above).

  • Install new fire board into your opening. This fire board is smooth and can be painted giving finished look of painted plaster.

  • Install new tiled or bricked chambers (optional extras) from the choices above.

  • Install new solid oak beam (optional extra) that can be seen in pictures above.

  • Patch plaster finish front of chimney breast.

  • Install new wood burning or multi fuel stove (choices above) and stove flue pipe.

  • Install new stove pipe thermometer. 

  • Commission & test your new stove.

  • Issue Hetas certificate.

  • Issue handover pack and talk through using your new stove.

All works come with 12 month guarantee.

All stoves come with manufacturer guarantee from 5 - 7 years.


Click the "Send Message" button for your two minute online survey.

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