Including Building Works ONLY £1500

This offer is for customers who require all building works to open up the chimney breast before stove installation.

Take a look at our installation video!

Full installation including the following:

*Remove gas/electric fire or surround.
*Building works to open up the fire opening to the original size.
*Supply & install natural stone hearth.
*Supply & install paintable fire board inside of opening.
*Plaster finish front of chimney breast.
*Supply & install new flue liner, including pot hanger.
*Supply & install multi fuel stove.
*Issue HETAS certificate.


Stove 1 - £1500

4.9kw CLEAN BURN Compact Stove


Defra Apporved Stove

Modern Multi Fuel

Stove Dimensions

Height 450mm

Width 370mm

Depth 440mm

Stove 1 is the perfect cosy compact stove for small to medium rooms, offering an ample 5kw of nominal heat and great controllability. By evolving the design of a traditional cast iron stove and introducing a contemporary steel body, Stove 1 will reach optimum temperature swiftly whilst still offering true multi-fuel burning capabilities. With an exceptionally large viewing glass window to the burning chamber dominating the front aspect you no longer have to compromise the view of your fire when choosing a smaller stove and yet its intelligent design provides a focal point for any living space.

Stove 2 - £1600

4.9kw CLEAN BURN Widescreen Stove

Defra Apporved Stove
Modern Multi Fuel
Stove Dimensions
Height 480mm
Width 470mm
Depth 333mm


By matching the ideal 4.9kw output of Stove 1 with a superior sized firebox, Stove 2 is the perfect solution for larger fire places or those seeking a greater focal impact from their wood burning stove.


The generous body of the Stove 2 incorporates a 317mm widescreen window offering exceptional panoramic views of the fire glowing within but when combined with the sleek design ethic of the Woolly Mammoth collection, doesn't impose on the decor of your living space.


Adjustable primary and secondary air intakes work harmoniously with a pre-adjusted tertiary air supply to produce incredibly clean and efficient combustion of all solid fuels to minimise unnecessary refuelling and running costs.

Stove 3 - £1650

5kw CLEAN BURN Widescreen Stove

Defra Apporved Stove
Modern Multi Fuel
Stove Dimensions
Height 580mm
Width 430mm
Depth 332mm

Stove 3 has been developed with aesthetics, efficiency and flexibility in mind. This steel bodied stoves robust looks and large viewing window makes it suitable for most room settings.


Stove 3 has a heat output of 4.9kW and an efficiency of 78.4% allowing it to be both cost effective and heat efficient. The Arundel is suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, as recommended by DEFRA.


Strong steel body and doorLarge viewing window – 285mm x 270mmSimple primary and secondary air controlsExternally controllable riddle systemRadiant heat outputMetallic paint finishTakes log lengths up to 250mm / 10"125mm (5") top or rear flue connectionCE Approval to standard BS EN 13240Suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, as recommended by DEFRA

Stove 4 - £1650

5kw CLEAN BURN Widescreen Stove


Defra Apporved Stove

Modern Multi Fuel

Stove Dimensions

Height 560mm

Width 390mm

Depth 330mm

Stove 4 is an advanced, clean burning stove that is built to last for years. This wood burning / multi-fuel stove is wonderfully hand constructed and blends traditional styling with modern efficiency. The Ottawa is made from thick steel plate and is designed to stand the test of time. Clean lines make it suitable for a wide range of decor, styles and tastes. The stove is a multi-fuel stove that will deliver a reliable source of heat with an accurate degree of control.


Heat Output : 5Kw, Pre-heated airwash system: Yes, Outlet : 5" (125mm) top and rear

Over night burn : Yes, Very efficient and easy to achieve, Heat resistant glass: Yes, German Schott glass, Efficiency : 80%+, Multifuel, with, ash riddle : Yes, Airwash : Yes, Clean burn : Yes, Steel : Yes

Approvals : EN Approved, CE approved

Guarantee : 5 year

Stove 5 - £1650

5kw CLEAN BURN Widescreen Stove


Defra Apporved Stove

Modern Multi Fuel

Stove Dimensions

Height 555mm

Width 387mm

Depth 335mm

Stove 5 is advanced unit, suitable for a 12mm hearth, has been designed by our brand Ecosy+ and tested at KIWA Gastec in Cheltenham to CE and British standards. No expense has been spared in the development of this product and the stove has recently been rated at 85% efficient; this is much higher than any other stove .



Large German Schott glass window, Tight locking doors with chrome handles, Top and rear flue outlet, Free printed over glove, Chrome airwash fittings. Solid Multi-Fuel grate for burning wood and smokeless coal. Coal guard, ash pan, ash pan handle. Full vermiculite fire brick lining. Finished in heat resistant matt black paint. Maximum efficiency of 85% Maximum CO emissions 0.3%

Stove 6 - £1750

5kw CLEAN BURN Widescreen Stove


Defra Apporved Stove

Modern Multi Fuel

Stove Dimensions

Height 446mm

Width 410mm

Depth 314mm

Stove 6 is a 5kw multi fuel stove manufactured using both high quality cast iron and high grade steel and with a modern design. This model of stove has a strong efficiency rating of 76.9%.

Stove 6 comes with a 5 year warranty period. 

This stove model's benefits include:

Advanced air wash system to assist in maintaining the glass window clear of the build up of soot through the use of specially placed vents to draw in air from the outside washing over the front of the glass

Hearth Choice

Please select your hearth choice from below.


Natural stone hearth is included within the offer price.

Natural Stone Hearth - Included within offer price.

Natural stone hearth has a textured finish and uneven surface. It is laid in sections.

Brazilian One Piece Slate Hearth - Extra £80

Brazilian Slate is a one piece slate and has no grout lines and is cut using one piece.


Please note: Maximum Hearth width of the slate is 1500mm. If a wider hearth is needed please choose natural stone

Jorvik Grey Honed Sandstone Hearth - Extra £100

 Jorvik Grey Sandstone which can feature a 'visual' wave effect within the tonal variance, but with a smooth, flat, honed finish.

This sandstone gives a great traditional look. Please check the hearth width that you require as this stone comes in maximum width of 1200mm. The stone is 30mm thick.






Natural stones and Slate are products of the nature. Therefore, variations in colour, pattern, texture and veining must be accepted. These differences and variations in stone should be considered as the beauty of natural stone instead of flaws.


Purchaser acknowledges that natural stones vary in colour, pattern, and texture. The actual stone used may differ from the sample or picture(s) shown.

Oak Beam - Extra £150.00.


Each beam is 1200mm in length, 200mm height & 125mm thick

Opening/Chamber Choice



Fire board - Included within offer price


Fire board can be painted and gives the same look as painted plaster without the hassle of cracking.

Stone Tiled Chamber - £250.00.


Tiled chambers are made from quality natural stone split face tiles.

White Quartz

Brick Slip Chamber - £350.00.


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